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Small Business Saturday November 26 2016

Thank you for contacting Above Promotions Company, a service partner for Tampa Bay News Wire.

Our goal is to help Tampa Bay businesses and those brands utilizing the Tampa Bay News Wire service to distribute their news within and beyond our community. We have access to over hundreds of thousands of the most influential journalists and bloggers at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television networks, web sites and trade journals within the U.S.

For this year’s Small Business Saturday, we are providing local businesses the ability to purchase one custom targeted list. The list must be specific to a city, media type and industry. For example, you can request, one list for all tech Editors in New York City.

You will receive your list within 3 business days of receipt of payment via our invoice. You will receive one spreadsheet document for you to sort, make notes in or update as you work your media campaign.

If you would like to purchase a custom list, please send an email to lists@abovepromotions.com type, your company name, phone number and email address to send an electronic invoice for payment. The list is not generated nor submitted until after payment is received.

If you would like to engage Above Promotions for your public relations and marketing needs, please complete the form on the Contact Us page.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions list below before placing your order.


What type of information do we receive?

Last and First Name, Title, Outlet Name, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Website URL and Social Media Information if Listed.

What makes our media contact product different?

Our media contacts have opted-in to accept press releases via the methods we provide in the list. Not sure who you should target? Tell us your brand’s products and demographics in your media request and we can suggest a media list query to help you hone in and increase your chance of reaching the appropriate media personnel.

Why do we offer this service?

This media product is for those brands who have the time to invest in contacting the media personnel on the lists. It is also for those who are good at selling their brand through writing great press releases or pitching themselves over the phone or email. For those who need assistance or want to give themselves the gift of time, our company is always available to launch an aggressive and effective campaign.

What happens if a contact is no longer at the company on the list?

The unfortunate reality is that the landscape of journalism and blogging is constantly changing. Our database is updated regularly, but if someone is laid off or decides to no longer update their blog, we cannot be held responsible. No refunds are provided nor are contacts on lists substituted after receipt. The good thing is that you have the company’s name and the position of the media personnel. If they leave the outlet, you can always use the same number to reach their replacement. You may also find that the replacement employee or editor is answering the email of the former one.

Can I send the contacts a mass email through an email distribution service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact?

We highly recommend you refraining from using these eblast services to contact the personnel on the lists. Catering your pitch to the needs of the specific journalist is the best way to get placement. Many journalists will ignore canned emails which are easy to spot. Your best chance at getting placement is to contact the journalist or blogger individually. Build a relationship.