We engage in various initiatives in our local and regional communities, but we work and make industry changes globally.

Our HQ office is in Pasco County, FL, and we are hybrid working in Latin America and Asia to serve our international customers.

Our diverse group allows us to create innovative, inclusive, and multicultural solutions for organizations.

Ebony Vaz Founder of Above Promotions
Founder and CEO
A portrait of a smiling bald man with a beard, wearing a blue suit, white shirt, and striped tie against a white brick background. He has a small red AI emblem on his suit jacket.
Ron Vaz
Sales and Partnerships
A smiling man leaning against a tree, wearing a light blue shirt. The background is softly blurred with sunlight filtering through trees, evoking the calm often sought in crisis communications.
Ramon Grimsley
Promotions and Technology Manager
Kchristaihne Castillo Digital Marketing Associate
Kchristaihne Castillo
Marketing Coordinator
A young man standing in a shadowed forest, wearing a black and white patterned shirt, looks pensively to the side with his hands gently clasped. Sunlight filters through the trees, highlighting his features as he contemplates strategies for crisis communications.
Samuel Monrey
2D and Animation Designer
Team and Partners

Our professionals are award-winning, with over 80 years of experience. Our backgrounds span from former editors of major newspapers and television production crew members of Emmy-nominated shows to data scientists, engineers, and consultants for Fortune 500 companies.


Whether your company is scaling up or a legacy brand, large or small, our highly skilled creative professionals, data-driven marketers, product managers, engineers, and researchers are ready to take your brand to the next level for increased sales.