Build a Brand, THEN Pitch to Investors

Above Promotions Company Build a Brand Then Pitch to Investors Guide Marketing Strategy and Fundraising Tips

The Above Promotions’ team attends many tech and startup events throughout the year. Many of these events place founders and investors in the same room. Moments like these would sound like the perfect harmony of startup brands finding their match made in heaven financial supporter. However, time after time, we see founders get excited about talking to an investor, only to see the investor far from being enthused by the brand the person is pitching to them.

Starting a company is challenging. Getting customers is hard. Trying to fundraise to scale is difficult. But when a founder fails to prepare for customers or investors, it is painstakingly brutal.

We will not get into the details of some of the bad pitches we have seen, or stories we have heard from investors. What we will do is provide you with some information to help your startup attract customers and investors.

We created a guide to help you carefully think out your brand as well as pitching to investors. Whether you’re a 4-year-old company or going through an educational exercise in starting a company, this guide will give you tips to succeed.

Sound interesting?

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