Business Continuity and the Inevitable Cybersecurity Attack

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The business world as we know it is constantly changing. Some changes we can control, but others, like cybersecurity attacks, are sudden and out of our control. When these attacks happen, and they will, do you have a business continuity plan? 

When tensions between Russia, NATO, and the U.S. over Ukraine are raising concerns in the business environment, not having a business continuity plan could leave you vulnerable to impending cybersecurity attacks. 

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

Think of it as your playbook to prevent and recover from potential threats to your business. 

The plan captures time-sensitive processes and resources critical for your business to function. 

However, a business continuity plan is not reactive, and you need to develop it before your business ever faces a threat so you and your team are not blindsided. 

How to create a business continuity plan 

Developing a continuity plan for your company entails dedicating a team to that purpose and giving them the resources to carry out the task. 

Such a process will involve training, brainstorming sessions, exercises, and testing to evaluate preventive and recovery strategies to include in the business continuity plan.

There is also the need to include a communications strategy in the plan in the event of a threat. 

Your communication strategy will be the bridge between downtime and recovery. You can use it to keep customers happy while the recovery process is in force. 

One last thing. 

A business continuity plan could be the reason why you lose your customers to competitors or a chance to grow your customer base and loyalty. Consider it a critical part of your cyber crisis management. 

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