CEO Ebony Vaz Feels the Impact of Goldman Sachs: One Million Black Women Initiative

Ebony in a blue and white dress posing in front of a dark wall and plant. Text says Ebony Vaz CEO a Goldman Sachs Black in Business One Million Black Women Alum

Meet Ebony Vaz

Ebony Vaz has achieved yet another goal this 2022. She recently graduated from Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women Initiative on July 18, 2022, and is a member of The Cohort One Scholarship Program.

As the CEO of Above Promotions, an agency that helps companies and brands to spread brand awareness and build loyalty among consumers through marketing technology, she continuously leads the company in creating huge impacts for each of our clients. Ebony is a well-known entity in the world of Marketing and Public Relation Strategy; she is an active member of the community providing speeches and seminars to institutions and organizations that are in need of new product ideas and expansion of familiarity with the concepts and principles of Marketing. With this, we became one of the most credible institutions in providing assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs and established leaders in their respective industries like AT&T, AAA, AOL, Cold Stone Creamery, and Verizon Wireless.

Now a part of the Goldman Sachs ecosystem for empowering small businesses, there is no indication of slowing down anytime soon.

Being a Part of the Launch of Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women Initiative

Goldman Sachs has been helping countless professionals to expand their business aspirations by providing access to education, capital, and support services. The inaugural cohort of Goldman Sachs not only invited well-respected individuals and organizations to provide information and the essential information to strengthen their role as the CEO of their own companies, but they also plugged participants into a network of over a hundred CEOs from across the country. As a part of Cohort One, Ebony Vaz attended the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Summit held in July wherein she was one of the Black In Business Program graduates under the One Million Black Women Initiative. The CEO of Above Promotions sees Goldman Sachs as a stepping stone to further advance opportunities for not only her but also her clients.  Ebony says, “Being a part of Cohort One was special, but it’s just the beginning of what I believe to be a long and great relationship with Goldman Sachs.”

What’s Next?

Ebony Vaz is excited to share her experience as a member of the first cohort at Goldman Sachs. She hopes to be an advocate for the program to help inspire other women who are interested in expanding their own businesses. She believes that this type of mentorship is essential for creating successful leaders. You can connect with her through her LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram social media channels.