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You! That’s who! Connect to Blog was created to help connect blogs to brands in live settings virtually or at live events. Whether you’re a blogger looking for new content to feature, advertisers to meet our fellow bloggers to team up with on projects, you’ll find Connect to Blog to be your greatest resource. As brands, you can create memorable live experiences to help your products or services leap off of your hands to the white spaces of intrigued publishers.



While many agencies look to separate bloggers from brands to keep both utilizing their services, we look to remove the line of separation and allow you in-person interaction and allow you to foster a good working relationship through our dynamic experiences. What happens between you, the blogger, or you, the brand, after the events is solely up to you. More importantly, both sides need each other to continue to reach their desired audiences. Why not Connect you to one another.


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Dynamic experiences. The opportunity to see or touch and see items provides for a richer experience over just waiting for someone to mail you a box of items or hoping a blog article will be written at some time in the near future. Through vendor shows and online private parties, both the blogger and brands have an opportunity to interact with one another in real-time.




Connect to Blog events are scheduled upon demand by brands or throughout the year.






Connect to Blog live in-person events take place within the U.S. as of today. Plans to extend to other countries within the future. Online private parties take place via the internet within invite-only spaces.

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