Minority Marketing Agency of the Year 2022

Thank you so much for visiting this year’s MBDA Legacy Award Excellence in Marketing Honoree.

We hope you enjoyed the 40th Anniversary celebration hosted by McGill & Associates.


photo of the MedWeek 2022 Legacy Award Excellence in Marketing Award



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Busy professionals and consumers are inundated with brands looking to sell them products or services. Our agency has found a way to help organizations like yours break through the noise, allowing you to launch, grow and scale.
We easily integrate creative solutions to increase revenue with new and existing clients by quickly eliminating ineffective marketing activities and tools, enabling you to compete successfully against other companies and meet goals.
Your organization will struggle to succeed if your marketing is unorganized, behind, or not using the right tools.
Trusted by small businesses to global brands to launch, scale, and grow through storytelling, science, and technology.
Organizations trust us to provide innovative solutions and help them stand out above their competitors.
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