Preparing Your Marketing Tech Stack for Growth in 2022

Preparing Your Marketing Tech Stack for Growth in 2022

Which marketing technology (MarTech) tools are your must-haves to grow your business this year? Is your marketing tech attention solely on your newly acquired content management system (CMS) for content marketing plus a new, shiny subscription for SEO keyword research? 

Perhaps, you’re considering signing up for a programmatic ad platform to target your customers at the right place and time—or some other tool. The point is the tools or services you use to conduct and improve your marketing activities make up your marketing tech stack. What you put into your marketing tech stack affects your organization’s growth.


How Do I Build a Marketing Tech Stack for Growth? 


1. Define your growth goals

The most common questions to ask when planning your growth goals:

  • How many more customers do you need to acquire this new year? 
  • How much revenue can you generate from existing customers?
  • How do you reduce churn and increase repeat business? 

2. Brainstorm and outline your strategies to achieve your growth goals 

Who are your customers, and what are their pain points? Where do they meet, and what would life or reality look like after encountering your product or services? And most importantly, which tools do you need to reach these customers most efficiently? 

You can ask your marketing team the tools they need to execute these strategies, set an estimated budget, research the tools that best fit your plan and budget, and include them in your MarTech. 

3. Test, measure, and update your MarTech stack 

As you prepare your Martech stack, remember that no tool can serve your purpose 100 percent of the time. 

So before you pay for any tool, choose a tool that allows your team time to test and measure results per your growth goals. 


With various tools available these days, it’s no surprise that Martech takes up as high as 26% of a company’s total marketing budget. 

But the crucial thing to remember is that expensive tools alone don’t grow businesses. Many businesses attempting to select the newest or oldest enterprise tools choose the wrong ones. 

You should keep a stack of Martech that helps you delight your customers and create great experiences. If you need help determining the best ones for your organization, contact us today.  


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