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Unstick Your Marketing, Communications and Sales

Companies around the world lean on the expertise of our knowledgable professionals.

Whether you are concerned about how your company will weather the current economic climate or you have seen your sales stagnate for the last couple of quarters, our team members are waiting to help you Unstick.

Watch the video below, review our current non-retainer consulting packages for small and mid-size companies.

Our Unstick Your Marketing, Communications and Sales review was designed with our expertise for your success and peace in mind.

Here is how the Unstick Your Marketing, Communications and Sales analysis works:

  • Sign up below*.
  • Participate in a brief meeting via video conferencing with a team member about your business answering these questions.
  • Provide a list of all public websites and content for your business.
  • You will receive your report and recommendations within 5 business days after your initial video meeting.
  • Schedule time between 3-5 business days afterward to walk you through the results and recommendations.

*This offer is for one business model. If you own multiple businesses, you will need to sign up for multiple review and recommendation packages.

(Please note: To complete a deep review of your business model, with a review of your pricing, advertising, and distribution strategy, you will need to schedule a more in-depth consulting session. This service will not provide those level of details and recommendations will not include an analysis of these items.)


What actionable things are you walking away with at the end?

Your checklist and report will cover:

  • Website Design and Layout
  • Content, Colors, and Sales Call to Actions
  • Social Media Content and Schedule
  • Technology Review
  • Recommendations on Prioritizing Resources and Tasks

Our 60-minute Call at the end will discuss these items so you have a clear understanding of what to do next.

Asking for external help is not a sign of weakness, but a plan to succeed. You are beefing up your team with our experience and resources without the overhead.

Once you have completed the review, you will have the option to continue your path to success by investing in the following additional services.

For the Unstick Your Marketing, Communications and Sales assistance, your investment will be $497.


Need more help than above? Ask us about any of the following:

  • Follow Up Meeting (within 4 weeks) to Review and Discuss Feedback of Implemented Changes $197
  • Sales Process and Script Analysis with a $5 Million Sales Leader $197/hour
  • Marketing and Communications Plan Review with Initial Meeting and Findings Review $997
  • Product Marketing Hands-On Workshop $1,997 (Up to 20 hours)


To develop your marketing, communications, or sales strategy, or to execute your crucial business activities to generate growth and increase revenue, please contact us directly for additional information.

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