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Unstick Your Marketing, Communications and Sales

Obtain increased sales and stake a larger claim of the marketplace.

This is for the CEOs, CMOs, Directors, and Managers of Companies around the world who want to tap into the results-oriented expertise of our knowledgable professionals.

Whether you are concerned about how your company will weather the current economic climate or you have seen your sales stagnate for the last couple of quarters, our team members are waiting to help you Unstick.

Watch the video below to fast track your organization’s goals with one of our limited spots.

You need a win, now more than ever.

It’s YOUR Time!

Our Unstick Your Marketing, Communications and Sales review was designed using our expertise and the latest industry forecasts for your success and peace in mind.

You need a condensed, yet impactful external analysis of what you need to change after our assessment. We will expound on leveraging your current products and assets to yield a better ROI on your marketing, communications and sales processes.

Ready to get Unstuck?

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Acquire New Clients

Here is how the Unstick Your Marketing, Communications, and Sales analysis works:
  • Sign up below*.
  • Participate in a brief meeting via video conferencing with a team member about your business, answering these questions.
  • Provide a list of all public websites and content for your business.
  • You will receive your report and recommendations within five business days after your initial video meeting.
  • Schedule time between 3-5 business days afterward to walk you through the results and recommendations.

*This offer is for one business model. You must sign up for multiple reviews and recommendation packages if you own multiple businesses.

(Please note: To complete a deep review of your business model, with a review of your pricing, advertising, and distribution strategy, you will need to schedule a more in-depth consulting session. This service will not provide those levels of detail and recommendations will not include an analysis of these items.)

What actionable things are you walking away with at the end?

Your checklist and report will cover:

  • Website Design and Layout
  • Content, Colors, and Sales Call to Actions
  • Social Media Content and Schedule Review
  • Technology Review
  • Recommendations on Prioritizing Resources and Tasks

Our 60-minute Call at the end will discuss these items so you clearly understand what to do next.

Asking for external help is not a sign of weakness but a plan to succeed. You are beefing up your team with our experience and resources without the overhead.

Once you have completed the review, you can continue your path to success by investing in the following additional services.

For the Unstick Your Marketing, Communications, and Sales assistance, your investment will be $1,297.

I’m Ready to Get Unstuck!
Think you have a tougher problem?

Need more help than above? Ask us about any of the following:

  • Brand Guide outlining messaging, scheduling, and keywords for up to 3 buyer personas $1,497
  • Follow Up Meeting (within four weeks) to Review and Discuss Feedback on Implemented Changes $297
  • Sales Process and Script Analysis with a $5 Million Sales Leader $297/hour
  • Marketing and Communications Plan Review with Initial Meeting and Findings Review $2,997
  • Product Marketing Hands-On Workshop $3,997 (Up to 20 hours)

To develop your marketing, communications, or sales strategy or execute your crucial business activities to generate growth and increase revenue, please contact us directly for additional information.

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1. What kind of experts are you? Are you one of those business coaches I see on social media?

No. We have actually worked with providing the strategy and executing our expertise for our clients. No disrespect to coaches, but they do not work on million-dollar media buying deals or have generated over $5 million dollars in sales for a company the past few years. We just have a proven record of implementing our recommendations.

2. What if I do not see results or feel I gained anything new?

If you do not see results, it could be your execution of our strategy. We understand you want to handle things on your own and many people can do so. However, if your focus is on numerous things for your organization, it is possible to miss out on details while you are initially giving us your company’s information or even while trying to implement the action items we provide. This is why many people will schedule the follow-up meetings to get another review of how they implemented our strategies.

If you feel you did not gain anything new during our sessions, then it is possible you already knew it all, but needed the reminder or reassurance. We’re here for that too, but we have not met or known of an entrepreneur who has known it all or didn’t need the external motivation to get things done.

Basically, we are saying, there is value in your time with us and we stake this belief with every client we work with since we started Above Promotions almost two decades ago.

3. Can I order just the Sales Process and Script Analysis or the Product Marketing Hands-On Workshop?

Can you? Yes. Should you? Well, while we believe it is possible to get a review of your sales process without the Unstick Your Marketing, Communications and Sales Review and Analysis, oftentimes obtaining quality leads is also a part of the issue with the sales process. Additionally, a hands-on workshop for creating new products or updating existing ones with a solid campaign usually requires a review first. This review will need to be paid at our hourly rate, which is not listed above. However, this is a small part of the Unstick Your Marketing, Communications and Sales Review and Analysis. We’ll let you decide how you want to handle these items, but just as only doing exercise for weight loss is challenging without a good diet, so are these additional services without the initial review.

4. Can I get a sample of the type of insights or your knowledge base before I sign up?

Sure. Visit our blog on our site, our archived blog, or sign up below for one quick tip.

Only a few spots for these services are open each month. Sign up today!