3 Tips to Keep Your Customers in Love with You

As each new year arrives, many businesses spend time reviewing their publicity and marketing campaigns for the year along with budgets. By February, you are knee-deep in their creative development or executing their plans. However, reviewing your customer service strategies during February is a great idea.

We have all heard it repeatedly, and it costs more to gain a client than to keep an existing one spending with you. For this reason alone, a thorough look at what you’re currently doing for your customers is healthy to keep up your relationship with them. Below you will find three of our tips to help you keep your customers in love with you.

Tip #1:

Fulfill all of your initial promises made through advertising and in your proposals. Suppose your advertisements indicated attentiveness to the client. In that case, you must be open to all of their calls, catering to their desires and never missing an opportunity to fulfill a need before they realize there is one. Suppose you promised cutting-edge technology during your pitch or in your proposal. In that case, you must always provide them with the opportunity for the latest and greatest before your or their competitors can access it. A simple example is if you claim you make the best Cuban sandwich, you better be able to back it up with awards or recognition and perfection each time it’s made.

Tip #2

Always give something above and beyond what they were expecting to receive. People will rarely remember the usual things but will more likely remember those pleasant unexpected ones. You can do this if you are a retailer by packaging your items, unlike your competitors, during checkout. You can offer to enter them into a surprise raffle for repeat shoppers. If you provide a service, pick one aspect that may cost you little to nothing to offer. This shows you care above your bottom line and are willing to ensure theirs stays healthy.

Tip #3

Personalize your relationship. Collect your customer’s birthday month and send them well wishes. Ask questions about their work life or accomplishments. One of the easy ways to do so in the business-to-business industry is to request to connect with your clients on LinkedIn. This allows you to see professional updates and gives you a chance to congratulate them. Depending on your business, you can determine if it benefits you to know information about your spouse or child so you can celebrate their joys too. However, be careful not to get too personal. You end up in an emotional trap.

There are many ways to help your business stand out and to keep your customers in love with your brand. And just as they say you should show love on more days besides Valentine’s Day, you should review these three tips throughout the year. This will help keep the relationship strong, and it isn’t easy to break.

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