Rebooting Your Business Checklist: Is Your Business Going to Thrive or Survive COVID-19?

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Are you thinking of re-opening your business since being forced to close due to the government or a lack of customers due to coronavirus (COVID-19)? Have you mapped out your plan for success or is it more about the survival of your business during the global pandemic?

We have seen across the country and the world, just how easily the economy can be broken and businesses destroyed thanks to the COVID-19.┬áBusinesses saw up close how quickly profit margins can dry up. Many entrepreneurs and C-Suite personnel have learned just how flawed their business’ products and services were or at least the delivery of these items.

Being innovators in the marketing technology space, we have seen many businesses pass on the latest in omnichannel offerings for their business because they felt they were excelling with their current revenue model. These businesses thought nothing needed to change.

Since COVID-19 we have all seen it force many companies to close, whether temporarily or permanently. We have seen some businesses implement better offerings for their customers, while others are still choosing to not move past antiquated practices. (Yes, we are talking to you individuals still asking if you need a website or not.)

Kudos to the businesses that finally jump into e-commerce or expanded their product offerings! Way to go for the companies who have figured out how to pivot to keep their doors open! Congrats to those organizations for stepping up their health and safety plan for customers and employees (many of these “new” practices probably should have been implemented all along, but that is for another time and place)!

However, no matter how much you want to get things back to the way they were, they will not be. As much as we would like to say, “We’re in this together,” companies are realizing consumers are still just as much, if not more demanding than before. The social media backlash and trolling on the social media pages for businesses large and small have already began to grow again. Your past and potential customers do not care if your processing time for their orders has changed due to a disruption in the supply chain or because you had to layoff a couple of cooks to survive.

Not sure if it is because of the increase in on-demand service and product providers these days, but the patience your company would have hoped from consumers right now, does not seem to be there these days. No matter how many large advertising firms try and push the “We’re in this together” statement, it is not stopping people from losing their patience and wanting more for less.

Your struggles to stay open is no longer a story the general public is waiting to hear. On top of that, your business is like every other business hoping people will begin to buy from you again. What you did before, is not going to be enough.

At Above Promotions, we know re-opening your business without the proper things in place will lead to it closing permanently. We have studied consumer psychology and have watched the use of technology flourish and also drop off. We want to help as many businesses as possible to understand, the status quo or days of being a Basic B (Basic Business. See our Basic Business Course for more context.) Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to tackle our “Thrive, Not Just Survive COVID-19 (Or Any Pandemic)” checklist. It is what we are using for our clients and we are seeing great results!

Whether you have opened your doors yet or not, be sure to check out our list below to help you thrive post-COVID-19 or for any future crisis.

Thrive, Not Just Survive COVID-19 (Or Any Pandemic) Checklist

  • Make sure efficient processes and technology are in place.
  • Create a marketing campaign to stand out.
  • Communicate your updated health procedures to customers.
  • Set customer service as a high priority.


We are going to cover each of these in more depth in the coming weeks. By the end of our focus on rebooting your business, you will know how to thrive and be prepared for the next pandemic or local crisis.

We want to make sure you and your community can gain valuable insights from this series which will start on social media May 18th and will conclude on our website and with private invite-only online events.

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