Salesforce: The Marketing Cloudcast Podcast with Ebony Vaz

Salesforce and Ebony Vaz Marketing Cloudcast Graphic

It’s no secret we’re geeks and nerds. We like to think we’re cool geeks and nerds, but more importantly, we recognize when awesome transcends cool.

This summer Above Promotions’ founder, Ebony Vaz, had an opportunity to participate as a guest expert for the Salesforce: Marketing Cloudcast Podcast.

We always look forward to the bell ringing every couple of weeks on the iPad or notices on SoundCloud when this insightful podcast releases a new episode. It’s the notice that lets us know some serious knowledge or behind the veil stuff is about to drop.

Having our leader be a part of it was just magical.

salesforce marketing cloudcast ebony vaz above promotions


We can only assume you may be reading this to either listen to the podcast or learn how Ebony was able to be a guest on the podcast.

Well, there was no pitching or request sent to be on the podcast. So for today, you will not get a post on “How to Stand Out in Your Industry” or “Pitch Your Way Out of the Inbox.” (Oh, wait. That last title was kind of good. You may see that one come up again.)

Nonetheless, we simply connected with the team and the rest is history.



Take a listen and let us know if you have any questions on some awesome tools we’re using for clients.


Here is the official link in case you didn’t click on any of the ones above.