#SoldOutChat: Take Your Brand to Sold Out Status!

Mobile phone showing the scheduled twitter space of #SoldOutChat session on September 22, 2022
#SoldOutChat is Back!

We are bringing back #SoldOutChat because it is one of the most engaging events we’ve ever done. We’ve had many people attend our previous #SoldOutChat sessions and it’s been an excellent opportunity to connect with other business owners and managers who want to learn how they can sell out their products or services using technology and innovation. This is a fantastic chance for you to learn about new trends in the industry that can help your business sell more by using technology and innovation.

What is #SoldOutChat?

#SoldOutChat is a monthly moderated Twitter Space hosted by @abovepromotions on Twitter. Each month we will be featuring different discussions that can help an organization or brand to reach or come closer to Sold Out status. A staff member will be leading the discussion on various topics, from ideas and tips that have worked, as well as how to avoid pitfalls in publicity and marketing campaigns.

How can you join our #SoldOutChat sessions?
  • Follow @abovepromotions on Twitter
  • Find the Pinned Tweet on @abovepromotions’ feed
  • Click the link to the scheduled Twitter Space
  • Set a reminder to be notified of the upcoming session

Alternatively, if you do not have a Twitter account, you can still participate in our #SoldOutChat Sessions. Just take note of our upcoming sessions listed below, and visit our Twitter page on the scheduled day of the event.

Additional ways to make it easier for you to follow the conversation:

  1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (we will also make announcements from there)
  2. Sign up for our Newsletter
Upcoming #SoldOutChat sessions for the year 2022
  • 9/22 at 12 PM EST on Twitter Spaces – Selling Out During the Holidays for B2B and B2C Brands
  • 10/27 at 12 PM EST on Twitter Spaces – Overcoming privacy changes for ad campaigns
  • 11/17 at 12 PM EST on Twitter Spaces – Revamping the marketing stack for 2023
  • 12/8 at 12 PM EST on Twitter Spaces – Campaigns that worked in 2022


Have any questions or suggestions on the topics that you’d like for us to discuss?

Send your suggestions here.