Beyond Earth Day: Building a Long-Term Sustainable Martech Strategy

Woman on tablet working in tech office graphic has Above Promotions logo on it and Beyond Earth Day blog post title
Woman on tablet working in tech office graphic has Above Promotions logo on it and Beyond Earth Day blog post title

Earth Day is a time to reflect on our impact on the planet. At Above Promotions, as a marketing tech agency, we recognize that, as marketers, this extends to the digital tools and technologies we use and recommend to our clients. Many marketing tech (martech) solutions have a carbon footprint, so building an eco-conscious stack can make a real difference. This Earth Day, let’s explore how to review your martech for sustainability and discover resources to assess your company’s digital footprint.

Why a Green Martech Stack Matters

Every email sent, website loaded, and ad displayed consumes energy. While the impact of a single click might seem negligible, the sheer volume of marketing activity creates a significant environmental burden. A study by The Shift Project found that the digital sector is responsible for 4% of global CO2 emissions – roughly the same as the aviation industry!

Building a Sustainable Martech Stack

Here are some critical steps to take:

  • Audit your existing tools: Start by assessing the number of marketing tools you use. Consolidation is key—fewer tools often mean less energy consumption. Evaluate which platforms offer the most comprehensive features to avoid redundancy.
  • Prioritize cloud-based solutions: Cloud computing offers economies of scale, meaning data centers can be optimized for efficiency. Look for providers committed to using renewable energy sources.
  • Focus on energy-efficient tools: Some marketing automation platforms are more resource-intensive. Research potential vendors’ environmental practices and choose those with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability.
  • Embrace low-impact marketing strategies: Not all marketing needs flashy animations and videos. Consider the environmental impact of your content creation choices. Can you achieve your goals with text-based campaigns or static images?
Tools to Measure Your Digital Footprint

Once you’ve greened your martech stack, you can delve deeper into your digital impact. Here are some helpful resources:

A white badge with black outline and text indicating the Above Promotions Site is Green Hosting certified by the Green Web Foundation

We recognize this impact and what it means for our clients and company to be sustainable. We will continue to audit, make the adjustments internally, and work with clients to help them do so. As we continue to progress in the tools selected for a green marketing tech stack (from profits and sustainable practices), we will continue to align ourselves with organizations making a global impact.

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature and the future of the global community. That’s why we took the time to ensure our site is Green Web Certified and are thrilled to share that we are partnering with One Tree Planted/@onetreeplanted to plant 100 trees for every new retainer client.

Trees clean our air and water, prevent health disparities, create habitat for biodiversity, contribute to our well-being, and create jobs for social impact. We are honored to include supporting reforestation through One Tree Planted as an integral part of our business model and hope you will consider doing the same.

By taking a proactive approach to building a sustainable martech stack and measuring your digital footprint, you can contribute to a greener future.

This Earth Day, let’s embrace innovation that’s good for the planet and business.