Moving Your
Brand Forward

You are just a phone call away from access to unique real-time data for:

  • Customer and Guest sentiment
  • Customer and Guest demographics
  • Market Research
  • Measuring the¬†effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Brining IoT and Smart City Planning to your area
  • Understanding foot traffic, vehicle activity and more.

Here are a few ways we can help your organization with target marketing, campaign analysis, customer retention, and employee training.

retail shopping mall smart advertising
Count the crowd, determine demographics and use the information to serve specific advertisements for your Out Of Home (OOH) campaigns.
Test your campaign ideas, rennovation plans and experiential brand activations.
Determine the age range, sex, gaze time, and emotions of consumers interacting with your brand or team members.
facial recognition for marketing research
retail check out personalization customer service tech
Create an interactive kiosk with a small or large display screen and incorporate computer vision – artificial intelligence for facial recognition.