Recording: Revamping the Marketing Stack for 2023

There are thousands of different marketing techs to choose from. And it’s quite hard to find which will work for your business and fit your budget at the same time.

It’s about time you examine your current marketing tech stack and gear up for the upcoming year.

During this recording with Above Promotions’ CEO, Ebony Vaz, she discusses how you can stay ahead of your competitors by choosing the right Marketing Tech Stack for your business.

Ebony walks you through choosing the right marketing tech stack and getting your brand to SOLD OUT STATUS.

Listen to the recording and learn how to curate your brand’s best marketing tech stack.

Main Takeaways
  • What is a Marketing Tech Stack
  • Factors to consider in choosing the right marketing technology
  • Five areas that businesses need to look at for 2023 Marketing Trend
    • Event Marketing
    • Surveys
    • Market Research
    • Privacy Software
    • Demo Explainer Videos
  • New Marketing Solutions
  • Bonus insights from Jeku Jacob of SurveySparrow

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