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Above Promotions Company is a digital marketing and public relations agency based in Tampa for clients who want to use technology and creative campaigns to quickly raise brand awareness and diffuse crisis topics globally.

What compels the public or the media to you and your story? What is the best time to share that story? Who should you speak to regarding pitching you or your products? These are the questions Above Promotions answers and provides winning solutions for clients.

Building your company’s public relations takes strategy along with valuable connections and tools. Above Promotions Company offers standard and customized packages for the following publicity services.


Media and Public Relations

The more exposure the better. With the exponential growth of digital media, you will need an expert to lead a productive campaign towards increasing positive recognition with the public. If you are looking for traditional, advocacy or social media public relations services, we can work together to ensure your communications to your audience resonates with them to provoke them to share, turn to and buy into your brand.


Client Imaging

Image is everything. If your image is not a reflection of your brand or it tells a story different than your intentions, it is time to overhaul your image. Our professional staff can get you ready for the media’s attention and the public’s adoration. Winning over the public is about communicating with your words and visual appearance.


Product Placement

Do you dare to dream having a celebrity with your product? We work with various national and international events as well as their gift suite companies to gather some of the best and unique items in the market. From large public to invite-only events, we can match your brand to the correct audience.


Crisis Communication and Reputation Management

No one wants a crisis on their hands. What you say, do and even wear can make the difference between your brand surviving or sinking. Our experience with criminal and corporate litigation has created positive results for our clients. An immediate strategy from seasoned professionals can help to turn your crisis around.


Media Training

Knowing what and what not to say is extremely important once you gain the media’s attention. In just one session, your interviewing skills can improve. With several, you can be a professional and confident speaker in communicating your objectives to the public or even internal teams.


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