Above Promotions Welcomes SOF Week 2024 to Tampa, FL

Mural on brick building with Tampa name and landscape

Photo by @ryanhaft Unsplash

U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and the Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation (GSOF) will co-host SOF Week in Tampa, FL, 6-10 May.

SOF Week serves as an annual gathering for the international SOF community, offering learning, networking, and recognition opportunities. Anticipated to attract over 15,000 attendees, SOF Week 2024 promises a range of engaging activities.

Key features of SOF Week 2024 include:

  • A larger exhibition hall overseen by the USSOCOM Program Executive Office (PEO), showcasing various areas of focus.
  • Diverse programming encompassing senior leader speeches, professional development workshops, industry engagements, networking sessions, and discussions on non-profit initiatives.
  • Live demonstrations of capabilities.
  • The USSOCOM Annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner.
  • The establishment of a “SOF Week Campus” in downtown Tampa, centered around the Tampa Convention Center.
  • Invitations extended to official representatives from approximately 100 U.S. partner nations.

The exhibition hall, organized by the USSOCOM Program Executive Office (PEO) and various Directorate areas, is designed to facilitate meaningful interactions. Additionally, opportunities such as one-on-one meetings, small group discussions, Q&A sessions, and networking events are woven into the SOF Week agenda, fostering dialogue between industry and government.

“As CEO of our company, which specializes in communications training for high-risk scenarios, I want to extend a warm welcome to all attendees gathering in Tampa for SOF Week 2024. We’re excited to engage with you, share insights, and empower our global SOF community with effective communication strategies,” states Ebony Vaz.

Registration is now open and required for all SOF Week participants.

For more information, visit https://www.sofweek.org/attend/registration.