Bootrapping Your Dreams Show: Typical Mistakes Businesses Make

Ebony Vaz Founder completes interview

Above Promotions’ Founder, Ebony Vaz talks typical mistakes that small businesses make while trying to grow, the advantage smaller companies have over their bigger counterparts and figuring out who you’re targeting on Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show.

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Welcome to this fun interview with Ebony Grimsley-Vaz, the founder and the Chief Strategist of Above Promotions, a digital marketing company located Tampa, Florida, interviewed by Manuj Aggarwal

She is the author of the bestselling book ‘Because You’re Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation’ that teaches and inspires people and their smaller businesses to dream bigger and compete with larger companies with minimal budget and resources that they have.

It is totally okay if you are a small business owner and facing a lot of problems such as bureaucracy and other marketing dynamics. This episode will tell you that you are equally capable to implement the successful profit in your business in a way big companies do.

In this episode we will learn:

  • Typical mistakes that small business make while trying to grow
  • The advantage smaller companies have over their bigger counterparts
  • Figuring out who you’re targeting
  • Bootstrapping your business
  • Making effective use of technology to promote your business
  • Catching business opportunities anytime
  • Crafting a great business story


About Ebony Grimsley-Vaz

Ebony is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Above Promotions, a Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Promotions company in Tampa, Florida. She is also the author of the book titled ‘Because You’re Small: Effective Marketing Strategies for Immediate Implementation’ and a marketing instructor for Jolt headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel.

For over 15 years and 80+ brands, Ebony has had the opportunity to work on campaigns for businesses such as AT&T, AAA, AOL, Cold Stone Creamery and Verizon Wireless to smaller national and international organizations and large non-profits such as the University of South Florida.


Education: Ebony Grimsley-Vaz holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida. She has been also certificated by the University of Notre Dame and the ROI Institute in Business Administration topics.

Experience: She is the CEO at Above Promotions Company. She has been responsible for implementing and creating marketing technology, branding, digital marketing, growth hacking, crisis communications, and public relations strategies for their customers. Using her extensive technology and storytelling background, Ebony drives positive change for clients in short and long-term efforts.

Fun Facts: She enjoys leading 80 professionals across the U.S. in Crisis Communications in regular strategy discussions and over 180 lifestyle bloggers. She can also be found teaching target marketing to millennial in Israel via Jolt as well as participating in workshops held by business and community organizations. Ebony is also a Venture Deals participant of the internationally acclaimed Kauffman Fellows Academy.

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Twitter: @abovepromotions




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